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Welcome Message

Welcome Message

SAQR PACK has established an honorable brand image in Saudi Arabia, as our target has been the satisfaction and happiness of our customers for 20 years now.

The strategy SAQR PACK has adopted is the reason we reached the largest segment of customers possible, and the role we play today in the packaging industry is well deserved after years of excessive hard work. We are always honored and thankful to be your choice!

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The Unique Packing Spirit


To meet the needs and requirements of our clients, providing products, filling and packaging for food, the criteria and standards of international quality, with ores of high quality, and designs creative, which ensures the products our customers enjoy the centre of their rivals, and that a team of distinguished experts in the study of the market requirements and follow the latest technologies to our field, which establishes our leadership.


Aim we're a SAQR PACK, to be in three years, the largest and most important companies of the industry and trade of packaging products between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, in addition to our quest to be in the European market, achieving a strong position in Europe, through their quality and designs ore products.

Saqr Pack

Keeping pace with theSAQR PACK Strategy The country is now moving towards sustainable development 2030 by achieving the continuous development of the resources of the available and specialized food packaging and packaging products, ensuring our long term growth and leading us to competition in the global packaging and packaging industry. As well as our pursuit of new standards and integrated management systems. We recognize our responsibility to generate economic value for the nation, so we will make no concessions in complying with applicable laws and regulations at all levels.


SAQR PACK Company is a Saudi company for the manufacture and trade of food packaging and packaging products. It is a 20 year old company with three branches in Saudi Arabia and one branch in Egypt. As for our new projects and expansions, a branch under construction in Dubai, , Will be inaugurated in November 2019. Our company is also specialized in supplying distribution to international companies in the Middle East (SCOtt- Lipton- Unilever- Kimberly-clark).

The Unique Packing Spirit

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Passion and Supporting

Supporting our people: . Corporate social responsibility is a big phrase for a very simple idea- taking care of the community and welcomes the regular social accountability audits from many of our global customers. We focus on areas including fair hiring practices; safe working Hours; fair...

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