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  1. paper bags

    Check our online range of paper bags offer the convenience in packaging and transporting at best prices. They used in restaurants and cafes, takeaways and bakeries for serving various types of packaging. SAQR Pack paper bags with best quality and reasonable prices, custom printing, eco-friendly materials, from 70 to 110-Gram paperweight.

  2. Non-woven Bags

    Our selection of non-woven bags includes items of different materials, styles, and sizes to meet your specific needs. Available non-woven bags manufacturing from healthy and long life materials, it is the best selection for shopping, with custom print availability, eco-friendly materials.

  3. Plastic bags

    Our selection of plastic bags meets your requirements, they used to food, fashion, garbage packaging available in our online shop. All of our plastic bags are made from high quality materials.

  4. carton bag

    Find the right Carton bags with variety of colors, sizes and designs to hold goods. It allow us to produce carton bags with fine arts touch, select between unique bags holder and paper with matte or bright foil (EMBOSS - SPOT UV- FOIL STAMPING - LAMINATION2(. We offer wide range of carton bags for fashion shops, retail, toys and commercial shops.

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