Passion and Supporting

Supporting our people:

Corporate social responsibility is a big phrase for a very simple idea- taking care of the community and welcomes the regular social accountability audits from many of our global customers. We focus on areas including fair hiring practices; safe working Hours; fair compensation and benefits; and workplace safety in all of our manufacturing facilities. SAQR PACK makes sure that its team is paid at, or above, award wages for normal time and overtime, whether they are in Saudi Arabia.

We invest in the local communities surrounding our factories through sustainability projects and infrastructure and support many charities.

Passion for paper:

SAQR PACK is helping a group of entrepreneurs in a struggling community explore their passion for paper. The group is running a hand-made paper bag business that aims to create jobs and a sustainable income Gulf area.

SAQR PACK has been with the business from the beginning, by helping to fit-out the workspace and purchasing the raw materials needed to get the business going as well as donating paper. SAQR PACK's support is ongoing and were the difference this group can make to their community in Saudi Arabia.